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Isaac Marovitz has announced a bug fix release for Whisky. The new release now supports Windows 11-based bottles, and contains bug fixes for DXVK and Steam, as well as improvements to view constraints to resolve inconsistencies and scrollbars.

Whisky Release 2.3.2

New Features:

  • Adds support for Windows 11-based bottles (added in WhiskyWine 2.1.2)

Bug Fixes:

  • Adds modified DXVK by  @Gcenx that resolves issues with DXVK and Steam (added in WhiskyWine 2.1.3)
  • Improvements to view constraints to resolve some inconsistencies and scrollbars

Full Changelog:  v2.3.1...v2.3.2

Release Release 2.3.2 · Whisky-App/Whisky