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"new" app icons

When Chrome updated to Version 87. 0. 4280. 88, it came with a new app icon. Upon searching for the reason, I discovered that a lot of people hate these new app icons that are being forced upon users.
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Best Productivity App for iPhone or iPad

Document Writer and PDF Maker for Microsoft Office Another immense app update for managing office work and saving everyone from carrying a bag full of files, mindspeak software the developers of the best iOS applications have released great app update for handling office work.
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refurbished macbook pro

I am looking for a 13 model. Aprox. $600-$700 is my budget. My needs a fairly basic, just Microsoft Office, Email and Internet. I am looking at buying from. They have quite a few used models: I am quite attracted to the 4 month warranty and positive feedback.
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1st post, FTW!

Sorry, had to do it. Too bad I don't have a MAC or even a copy of OSX so I guess I will not be submitting any entries to the compatibility list for awhile. Hmmm, I do have some Apple IIgs emulators. .
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Okay, not to start any battles or what ever, but is Apple that better?
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Hey, guys

Hello, everyone. Do you have have experience of parenal control software? I know there are many for PC, but I can only find few for Mac(including , , ). I just wanna know if you have any better choices.
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Itunes Won't Let Me Burn Cd's

I have downloaded Itunes several times in hopes of correcting this problem. It hasn't helped. When I download it tells me that it won't allow me to burn CD's because I have another CD burning program on my computer.
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Need good parental software for Mac

My parents want to monitor my little brothers (10 year old) internet activity for a couple of weeks to check out who he talks to on IM and everything. I suggested a , but not familiar with it. . . .
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Can iPhone play .exe computer game?

1st question:Can iPhone 3g play. exe computer game?? 2nd question:Whats the difference between iPhone, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs? 3rd question:How to copy images from the Camera Roll to Camera Roll? (make the picture become multiple) 4th question:How to fix iPhone 3g problems for the 3g setting? They can't support SIM ...
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Help for working on an eMac

I am working on an eMac and trying to load Debian Server. I am having problems with the display. I can't see anything on the screen, any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. .
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