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Isaac Marovitz has announced the release of Whisky 2.1.2. Whisky is based on CrossOver and Apple's Game Porting Toolkit and offers a clear and simple graphical wrapper for Wine to create and manage bottles, install and run Windows programs and games, and maximize the capabilities of your Mac without the need for technical expertise.

Whisky 2.1.2

Quality of Life:

  • Program Config sections are now collapsable
  • Reworked Environment Variables editor to be much more robust and easy to use
  • Added back ESync as an option for Diablo players

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some syncing issues with settings
  • Fixed missing strings in locales
  • Fixed an issue where bottle configs would be reset between versions
  • Improved readability of bottom bar buttons

Full Changelog:  v2.1.1...v2.1.2

Release Release 2.1.2 · Whisky-App/Whisky