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Isaac Marovitz has announced the release of Whisky 1.3.0. Whisky is based on CrossOver 22.1.1 and Apple's Game Porting Toolkit and offers a clear and simple graphical wrapper for Wine to create and manage bottles, install and run Windows programs and games, and maximize the capabilities of your Mac without the need for technical expertise.

Whisky Release 1.3.0

Quality of Life:

  • Program icons that were previously missing will now display
  • .exe will display their icon system-wide (i.e. in Finder)
  • Locale improvements

New Features:

  • You can now create shortcuts to programs in your Applications folder
  • If Whisky is set as the default program, you can now double-click to open .exe.msi. and .bat files in your bottles

Full Changelog v1.2.2...v1.3.0

Release Release 1.3.0 · Whisky-App/Whisky