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Bill Hollings has announced the release of the MoltenVK Vulkan SDK 1.3.236.

Release Release for Vulkan SDK 1.3.236

  • Add support for extensions:
    • VK_KHR_copy_commands2
  • Fix crash on descriptor update with out-of-bounds descriptor count data.
  • Fix Metal buffer index binding overrides for push constants and attachment clearing.
  • Fix crash when buffer binding updates only offset while it is overridden.
  • Fix app performance regression triggered by the previous introduction of VK_KHR_shader_float_controls.
  • Work around MTLCounterSet crash on additional Intel Iris Plus Graphics devices.
  • Fix mistaken YCBCR format support indication.
  • Fix invalid blit offsets.
  • Wait on emulated semaphores only once to prevent freezing when using prefilled command buffers.
  • MVKPipeline: Stop using vertex-style input for tessellation evaluation shaders.
  • MVKPipeline: Force extra checks for stores after fragment discard.
  • MVKImage: Always use a texel buffer for atomic storage images.
  • MVKDevice: Fix backwards attribution of storage/uniform texel buffer alignments.
  • Document new linkage model used by Xcode 14 and later, and how to link MoltenVK
    to an app or game using Xcode 13 or earlier.
  • Support Xcode 14.1 build settings.
  • Upgrade GitHub CI to use Xcode 14.1 on macOS 12.
  • Update dependency libraries to match Vulkan SDK 1.3.236.
  • Update to latest SPIRV-Cross:
    • MSL: Implement CompositeInsert OpSpecConstantOp.
    • MSL: Support "raw" buffer input in tessellation evaluation shaders.
    • MSL: Don't flatten arrayed per-patch output blocks in tessellation shaders.
    • MSL: Account for composite types when assigning locations.
    • MSL: Handle partial access chains with array-of-UBO/SSBO.
    • MSL: Fix restrict vs __restrict incompatibility.
    • MSL: Handle implicit integer promotion rules.
    • MSL: Manually update BuiltInHelperInvocation when a fragment is discarded.
    • MSL: Add missing casts to Op?MulExtended.
    • MSL: Prevent stores to storage resources in discarded fragments.
    • MSL: Don't dereference forwarded copies of OpVariable pointers.
    • MSL: Refactor member reference in terms of one boolean.
    • Fix MSL Access Chain.

Release Release for Vulkan SDK 1.3.236 · KhronosGroup/MoltenVK