New Office 2016 for Mac Insider Fast ring version 15.38 (170815) released
Posted on: 08/18/2017 05:18 AM

A new preview build for Office 2016 for Macs has been released for insiders in the Fast ring

New Office 2016 for Mac Insider Fast ring version 15.38 (170815) released

What's new in 15.38 (170815):

OneNote 2016:

New and improved features
No new features at this time.

Fixed an issue with keyboard input on the OneNote page.
Fixed bug where pasting images onto the OneNote page pastes raw data instead.
Fixed bug where right-clicking the page list or pasting via the context menu would hang the application.
Fixed bug where colors of lines were inverted on pages created with ruled lines.

Known issues
No new known issues at this time.

Excel 2016

New or improved Features
Nothing new this week.

Bug fixes
Fixed some minor issues.

Known issues
In some cases, the row height will be increased upon opening a document for rows containing cells with wrapped text that have had the row height by using the auto-fit feature.

Outlook 2016:

New or improved features:
Improved app stability
Enabled Join/Leave Groups from Groups Contact Card
Improved keyboard and VoiceOver navigation on Calendar module
Room finder list now displays rooms in alphabetical order
Supported ICS file in UTF-8 BOM (Byte Order Mark)

Fixed a known issue in 15.38 (170809) where the Most Recently Used email list is empty when composing email.
Fixed a mailbox sync issue when you add a Shared Mailbox that has a higher Exchange versions than the primary mailbox
Fixed Exchange account authentication issue due to timezone, particularly On-Premise Exchange Mailboxes. Now exchange account can be added with the valid credential
Fixed a issue where dismissed reminders keep coming back (on other Outlook endpoints)

Known issues:
No known issues at this time.

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