New App helps create stencils for custom Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns
Posted on: 10/10/2017 04:09 PM

Carving Technologies, LLC today introduces Me-On-A-Pumpkin, the company's premier pumpkin carving stencil creation software for Mac OS X.

New App helps create stencils for custom Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Upload a favorite image of children, friends, pets, a car, building, logo, TV or movie character, follow the simple instructions to create the perfect pumpkin carving stencil and then print directly to your printer. Just print, carve and enjoy the best Jack-O-Lanterns on your block this year!

The app is very easy-to-use, especially on larger screens. Virtually any photo or image file, with sufficient detail, may be loaded into the app. The app is structured to guide the user through modification of the thumbnail image to select the amount of detail desired, the thickness of the lines or edges, and the color saturation. Once satisfied with the image, which is presented in yellow, representing the light projected from within the pumpkin, and orange, representing the pumpkin material to be left during the carving process.

The app displays in red, the areas which need better connection to the pumpkin to prevent loss of pumpkin material due to fallout. Users may choose to connect the red areas by simply drawing connections, in orange, to the outer pumpkin, or eliminate the detail by drawing connections in yellow, enlarging the lighted area. Either way, as changes are made, the red, or fallout areas disappear, as if by magic. The stencil is then ready for printing, and may be printed as solid lines, or dots, along those lines.

Users may attach the stencil directly to the pumpkins, and cut through the stencil, or as many do, use a pin or stylus to poke holes in the surface of the pumpkin along the lines or dots which were printed. Utilizing tools of their choice, the image may be cut out of the pumpkin, or scraped into the pumpkin, creating interesting areas of light projecting through openings in the pumpkin or visible through the skin of the pumpkin. Once completed, the pumpkin may be lighted with any light source to reveal the image in this new and novel medium. Happy Halloween!

Pricing and Availability:
Me-On-A-Pumpkin is available now for only $4.95 (USD). It can be downloaded from Carving Technologies online.

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