MoltenVK Vulkan SDK 1.1.121 released
Posted on: 09/10/2019 10:18 PM

Bill Hollings has announced the release of MoltenVK Vulkan SDK 1.1.121

MoltenVK Vulkan SDK 1.1.121 released

Add support for extensions:
Add support for VkEvent, using either native MTLEvent or emulation when MTLEvent not available.
vkInvalidateMappedMemoryRanges() synchronizes managed device memory to CPU.
Track supported instance and device extensions correctly.
Revert to supporting host-coherent memory for linear images on macOS.
Report limit of 64KB for constant buffer bindings on macOS.
Disable depth and/or stencil testing if corresponding attachment is missing.
Ensure Vulkan loader magic number is set every time before returning any dispatchable Vulkan handle.
Fix crash when VkDeviceCreateInfo specifies queue families out of numerical order.
Fix crash in vkDestroyPipelineLayout().
Fix crash when signalling swapchain semaphore using MTLEvent.
Fix crash when determining alignment of invalid pixel formats.
vkCmdBlitImage(): Support format component swizzling.
vkCmdClearImage(): Set error if attempt made to clear 1D image, and fix validation of depth attachment formats.
vkCreateRenderPass(): Return VK_ERROR_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED if format not supported.
vkCmdFillBuffer(): Improve performance 150x by using parallelism more effectively.
Support optional use of MTLFence for Vulkan semaphores via the MVK_ALLOW_METAL_FENCES environment variable.
Remove error logging on VK_TIMEOUT of VkSemaphore and VkFence.
Remove log message warning of obsolescence of vkCreateMacOSSurfaceMVK() and vkCreateIOSSurfaceMVK() functions.
Report error only on the first time a format substitution is made.
Streamline design and use of MVKSemaphore.
Consolidate the various linkable objects into a MVKLinkableMixin template base class.
Use MVKVector whenever possible in MoltenVK, especially within render loop.
No longer prefer dedicated allocations for buffer memory, including buffer-backed images.
Handle the compositeAlpha member of VkSwapchainCreateInfoKHR.
VkPhysicalDevicePortabilitySubsetFeaturesEXTX::events set to true.
Always submit surface presentations using MTLCommandBuffer.
MVKConfiguration::presentWithCommandBuffer is now obsolete.
Don't use MTLCommandBuffer push/popDebugGroup if not available.
MVKSwapchain::signalWhenAvailable() add autoreleasepool around MTLCommandBuffer use.
Add ability to automatically cause an Xcode GPU capture without developer intervention.
Update VK_MVK_MOLTENVK_SPEC_VERSION to version 22.
Update dependency libraries to match Vulkan SDK 1.1.121.
Update to renaming of VK_INTEL_shader_integer_functions2 enums and structs in latest Vulkan headers.
Update to latest SPIRV-Cross version:
Support the SPV_EXT_fragment_shader_interlock extension.
MSL: Deal with array copies from and to threadgroup.
MSL: Deal with Modf/Frexp where output is access chain to scalar.
MSL: Inline all emitted functions.
MSL: Inline all non-entry-point functions.
MSL: Add {Base,}{Vertex,Instance}{,Index} to bitcast_from_builtin_load.
MSL: Add support for sampler Y'CbCr conversion.
MSL: Force storage images on iOS to use discrete descriptors.
MSL: Support dynamic offsets for buffers in argument buffers.
MSL: Cleanup temporary use with emit_uninitialized_temporary.
MSL: Unify the get_*_address_space() methods.
Assume image and sampler can be RelaxedPrecision.
Fix post-depth coverage for ESSL.
Fix variable scope when switch block exits multiple times.
Fix severe performance issue with invariant expression invalidation.
Fix ParsedIR::mark_used_as_array_length(uint32_t id)
Deal correctly with sign on bitfield operations.
Elide branches to continue block when continue block is also a merge.
Move branchless analysis to CFG.
Deal with ldexp taking uint input.
Do not allow base expressions for non-native row-major matrices.
Do not force temporary unless continue-only for loop dominates.
Fix ParsedIR::mark_used_as_array_length(uint32_t id).
Refactor into stronger types in public API.

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