LucidTime Offers Elegantly Understated Desktop Clocks for Mac OS X
Posted on: 11/01/2017 08:36 AM

Washington-based development team Quarter Til 2 today introduces LucidTime 1.0, their elegant and customizable desktop clock system for Mac OS X

LucidTime Offers Elegantly Understated Desktop Clocks for Mac OS X

LucidTime offers a selection of three highly customizable clocks, each offering their own individually elegant method of presenting the time of day. Additional clocks will be available via a convenient in-app purchase, and users can easily customize any of the clocks to fit their personal needs or whims.

The app includes three customizable clocks:
* SimpleClock - A simple clock face that offers a customizable display of tick marks and bezel
* LucidClock - A graphically rich clock with elements providing various degrees of 2D- and 3D-effects
* NixieClock - A display that simulates the popular nixie tubes that display the time by simulating cold cathode tube numbers

Options include:
* The color of each clock component (the hour, minutes, and second hands; major and minor tick marks; and more)
* The display size of each clock
* The transparency level of each clock and each clock element
* Clocks can be positioned anywhere on the screen via select-and-drag
* Show or hide the seconds display for any clock, as wells show or hide various other clock elements for each clock

"The idea for LucidTime came to me totally by accident. A wall clock in my office cubicle fell and broke. I was able to salvage the mechanism and its hands, so I hung it on the wall, with pushpins to mark the hours," says app developer Jeff Szuhay. "Later, my wife and I received a vintage Dutch Golden Hour Clock as a wedding present. The final inspiration came in the form of the Transparent Clock widget in the much-beloved but long-gone Konfabulator environment. Each of these clocks inspired my work on the LucidTime app."

Each clock has multiple display styles:
* LucidClock can be outline, filled, or 3-D. (More effects are planned)
* SimpleClock can have rounded or square lines
* NixieClock can be set to show or hide today's date and/or seconds

LucidTime clocks are designed to provide a quick glance at the time of day, without distracting users from their daily tasks. They offer an attractive and entertaining way to mark the passage of time. Quarter Til 2 Software will continue to work to develop additional clock styles in order to offer a unique variety of timepieces for the Mac OS X desktop.

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra) or higher
* 64-bit processor
* 4.9 MB hard disk space

Pricing and Availability:
LucidTime 1.0 is only $2.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies), and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. The app includes 3 highly customizable clocks: SimpleClock, LucidClock, and NixieClock.

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