App Tamer 2.3.3 can speed up Time Machine and adjust process priorities
Posted on: 10/16/2017 05:43 AM

St. Clair Software has released an update for App Tamer, a Macintosh utility that manages applications to yield more efficient CPU usage, increased battery life and quieter operation.

App Tamer 2.3.3 can speed up Time Machine and adjust process priorities

App Tamer 2.3.3 features a new option to speed up Time Machine backups, the ability to alter a process' priority, and addresses a number of other issues.

The changes in version 2.3.3 include:
* There's now a checkbox to speed up Time Machine backups in the Options tab of the preferences. It uses a popular method for removing Low Process Priority Throttling.
* App Tamer can change a process' priority. While this generally doesn't make much of a performance difference, it can when multiple processes are competing for disk or network access. Hold down the Option key while clicking on a process in the process list to access the priority slider.
* App Tamer will no longer alert you to processes using too much CPU when its process management is turned off.
* You can no longer limit the CPU usage of WindowServer or hidd because that can cause Bad Things.
* Processes using an average of more than 5% CPU are shown in bold.
* App Tamer's icon in the menu bar uses slightly less space.

More about App Tamer:
Some Mac applications, especially web browsers, continue running tasks or animations even when they're supposed to be idle in the background. This can consume valuable processing power, reducing battery life and producing heat that increases fan noise. App Tamer's unique AutoStop capability automatically slows down or pauses these applications when you switch away from them, and then restarts them when you click back to them. This frees your CPU and reduces power consumption.

App Tamer comes pre-configured to automatically manage Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Spotlight, Time Machine, Word and many other apps when they're in the background. And customizing it for other applications is just a mouse click away.

Pricing and Availability:
App Tamer will operate on any Macintosh running macOS 10.8 or higher, and is free to try for 15 days. A license to continue using it after the trial period is $14.95 (USD). This update is free for users who purchased App Tamer 2.x or bought App Tamer 1.x after July 1, 2013. For those that purchased a license before that date, the upgrade is $7.95 (USD).

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