75 Apple Tips
Posted on: 12/15/2011 12:14 PM

Here a roundup of the latest tips and tricks from Mac OS X Hints

If MobileMe suddenly stops working on the Mac
10.7: Unanticipated but welcome behavior in Photostream
Hiding purchases in the App Store/iTunes Store
10.7: Removing a Delay in SSH commands to some hosts
10.7: iCal Reminders Lists displayed separately from Calendars
iOS 5: Send as SMS without waiting for iMessage timeout
10.7: 3D Collada file support
iOS 5: Connect to MS Exchange task lists
10.7: Restore missing search results in Mail
Getting more information about your iOS device
10.7: Command+Tab now stops at the end of the bezel
10.7: Change the Finder option when copying multiple files
3D Collada file support
10.7: Hidden Mobile Network Profile support
iOS 5: Repeating Tasks in Reminders
10.7: Get colored sidebar icons in Finder
Siri Quick Tip: Wikipedia
Deleting Gmail messages in Mail.app.
10.7: Change the default Arabic font
iOS 5: Shortcut to viewing photos from Camera app
Finder: Place current folder in the dock
Drag Safari Java Applets to their own window
10.7: Use iCloud to automatically sync files across Macs
A possible fix for the iPhone 4s battery issue
Flash video fullscreen on all spaces
Siri Reminders syntax
iOS5: Messages Hide Keyboard
10.7: Multi-user Screen Sharing
10.7: Changed behavior in replying to Sent Mail messages
Print after Shutdown without Logging in
If Spotlight does not find a file or a file's contents
10.7: Accessing ~/Library while keeping it hidden
A possible fix for the iOS 5 battery issue
Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
10.7: Quit and Close all Windows
Rapidly change audio port function on MacBooks
One click access in Safari to iCloud mail
Stop unwanted launching of Photo Import apps
Use the Apple external SuperDrive on (almost) any Mac
10.7: Customize All My Files
10.7: Restart Mission Control
iOS 5: Scroll quickly to past/future time periods in Calendar
iPhone 4S Raise to Speak also works for text entry
10.7: Open/Close folders in List View in slow motion
Use old style NeXTSTEP icons in Mail
A Service for adding shortened URLs to Safari's Reading List
10.7: Four-finger tap for Quick Look
Send direct links to iOS pref panes via email
10.7: Saving and filenames in 10.7.1 and up
Try the GIMP version 2.7.3 in OS X
10.7: Update for making Entourage play well with Time Machine
10.7: Mac Mail - Get the Outbox back
10.7: Get iTunes pop-up notifications in the dock
10.7: Mail message mouse rollover
Create a comprehensive writing system font collection in Font Book
10.7: Move an ARD 3.x Installation/Install ARD
10.7: Press and hold hotkeys to quickly view Mission Control
iCloud Documents sync for Snow Leopard, using DropBox
10.7: How to install iSync
10.7: Create a 'New To Do' Service
iOS 5.0.1 and iTunes Match kill Genius list button
Like to use TextEdit? Hate not having Save as...?
10.7: Change of keyboard type
iOS 5: Use Siri to dictate emoticons
10.7: Quick Look using the arrow keys in full-screen mode
10.7: Expand an application's windows in Mission Control
iOS 5: Adding the date to Notification Center
10.7: Mail behavior in conversation mode
Quick Look using the arrow keys in full-screen mode
10.7: Applescript to escape Zoomed In screen
Opening a printer proxy from the Print dialog
10.7: Finding Control and Menu Items for use in AppleScript User Interface Scripting
10.7: Use Dell 5130cdn laser printer
10.7: Change the Dashboard background
iOS 5: Selecting multiple photos on iPad

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