71 Apple Tips
Posted on: 08/30/2012 10:02 AM

Here an overview of the latest tips and tricks from Mac OS X Hints:

Extend battery life for latest MacBook Pros with gfxCardStatus
Eject disk images when Finder sidebar is not visible
New Poll: What's the ideal size of a laptop screen for you?
Trim podcasts intros with AppleScript
Work around an iLife installer error when restoring a Core 2 Duo MacBook Air
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion hints
Save disk space by deleting Address Book images
Download an unzipped folder from Dropbox's Public folder
Keyboard shortcuts for outgoing e-mail accounts work again in Mountain Lion
Remove icons from the Dock in Mountain Lion
Temporarily hide Alerts and notifications from Notification Center
Use Safari extension to replace missing RSS button
Turn off ads in Parallels Desktop
Quickly rename bookmarks in Safari's Bookmarks Bar
Quick Look an inline graphic in Messages
How to disable the iCloud Open dialog in Mountain Lion
Using X11 in Mountain Lion
Select an AirPlay device to stream audio from the menu bar
Email link to web page from Safari in Mountain Lion
Get Web Sharing back in Mountain Lion
Quick Look in Mountain Lion supports pinch to zoom in or out
Encrypt almost any disk in Mountain Lion
Collect RSS feed URLS from Mail
Command-drag to Terminal to change directory
Find if an application is from the Mac App Store
Disable smooth scrolling in Mountain Lion
Skip Gatekeeper once
Safari 6: two-finger pinch to view and select Tabs.
Use launchd to schedule repeating tasks
Navigate and manipulate Calendar events with arrow keys
A quick way to view Notification Center
Rename files from the title bar
AppleScript to get Google search URL
Disable automatic application termination in OS X
New location for application AppleScripts in 10.8
See recent searches in Safari 6
Make Google Chrome use standard print dialog
Another way to find iCloud documents
Burn OS X Mountain Lion installer to single-layer DVD
Use any search engine with Safari
Open a file from within Quick Look with an application other than the default
Be notified by Mail only for a specific mailbox
Keyboard shortcut for share panels in Mountain Lion
Flush DNS cache in Lion and Mountain Lion
Auto-delete a DMG file when ejecting a disk image
Remotely connect to a Mac via SSH using iCloud's network
Access older versions of documents stored on iCloud via Time Machine
Keyboard shortcut to save directly in iCloud
Add default fonts to Notes
Find the original file for an alias
Access the file path popup menu in the Open dialog for iCloud-compatible apps
New reminder from any application
Use symbolic links in a Dropbox folder
Create folder from multiple selected items in Finder
Edit reminders without clicking the 'i' button
Access AVCHD .mts files
Change the default save location from iCloud to On My Mac
Choose number of days displayed in week view in Calendar
Drag e-mails to Notes, and save links to e-mails
View more export options in Preview
Use two-finger scroll to change pages in Finder column View file preview
Replace Notes app brown title bar with gray
Script to Pause and Resume Growl with a Hidden Menu Icon
Chronologically sort trimmed videos in iPhoto
Fix iChat AppleScripts in Mountain Lion
Set Software Update check frequency in Mountain Lion
An alternative to the old Exposé "All Applications" hot corner
Hide apps on Purchases list in App Store app
Assign a keyboard shortcut to Launchpad
Get notifications for iTunes track changes
Toggle Web Sharing with an AppleScript

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