52 Apple Tips
Posted on: 04/03/2012 10:47 AM

Here a roundup of the latest Apple tips from Mac OS X Hints:

10.7: Set default workspaces for applications
10.7: HTML5 Video Display Sleep Workaround
Digital audio-in passthrough with AppleTV2
10.7: Auto-copy Photo Stream images to a folder
10.7: Fixing a stuck application in Mission Control
Make the computer sing happy birthday
10.7: Updating Lion Server if using CalDAV and CardDAV
Airport Utility 6.0
10.7: See Exposé view of an app in the background
Growl Notification from Mail.app with Sender Photos
Using S/MIME on iOS Devices
10.6: Make a universal 10.6.7 Snow Leopard installer
Fix a Finder sidebar resizing issue
Mount and unmount external drives easily via AppleScript
10.7:Quartz Debug 4.2 hidden prefs
iOS: Temporarily hide a mail/calendar account at will
10.7: Adjust Mail's delay for marking items read in conversation view
Use your laptop for a tracing backlight.
10.7: Move messages to favorite mailboxes
10.7: Spelling correction using only the keyboard
Redirect mail button on Wiki pages
A mouse shortcut for adding a link to the Reading List in Safari
10.7: Messages.app (BETA) uses iChat syntax for AppleScript
10.7: Turn off window animations
10.7: Find iMessage capable numbers and e-mail addresses
10.7: A look at /etc/authorization usage
10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Use your iPhone/iPad as portable lightbox
Automate the download of YouTube videos in Safari 5.1
iTunes Match recognizes some digital copies of movies
Access camera without unlocking iOS devices
iTunes in the Cloud recognizes some digital copies of movies
Resolve GarageBand Export Songs to iTunes timeout
Speed up your Mac by removing files from the Desktop
Unexpected source of iPhone battery drain
10.7: Fix crash when running shell scripts from script menu
Master list of OS X keyboard shortcuts
Lion Mail search for messages from a specific domain
Activate the Don't Save button in Lion from the keyboard using AppleScript
Getting and setting printer options from the command line for use with lpadmin
Update/Create Lion RecoveryHD partition quickly Without Reinstalling
Google Earth for iOS opens .kmz files from websites or sent by e-mail
Drag and drop to install items on iOS devices
Change the user agent string on iOS Safari
Syncing Contacts to an older iPod nano
Decompress zip archives that expand to .cpgz archives
10.7: Remove the Dock's display delay
Replace carrier name with logo in iPhone status bar
10.7: Disable folder drop-down in Terminal menu bar
10.7: Zoom windows in Mission Control
Use (almost) any remote with an Apple TV
Replace SMB Server with open source version in Mac OS X Lion Server

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