29 Apple Tips
Posted on: 01/31/2012 02:56 PM

Here a roundup of the latest Apple tips and tricks from Mac OS X Hints:

USB 3 on a Mac
iOS 5: Show hourly forecast in the Weather app
10.7: Safari-like navigation in the Finder
Mass delete photos from iPhone's Camera Roll
Fix a Finder glitch when updating apps by drag and drop
Get charge status on the iPad2 while charging
Adding and removing individual login items from Terminal
iOS 5: Quickly reopen recently closed tabs in mobile Safari
Export of contacts from Address Book to Numbers
Getting port mappings and DHCP usage from an Airport Device
Can't change Game Center settings on a localized system
Numbers: Simulate XIRR annualized rate of return
Finder bug in contextual menu
Search iTunes Radio list by making a new playlist
Convert Clipboard contents to plain text
10.7: Adjusting display brightness with multiple displays
Easy way to 'trim' an SSD
VirtualBox: Using snapshots to avoid excessive TimeMachine actitvity
Using an alternative search engine in Safari
10.7: Setting duration before files are locked
iOS Device Screenshots & iPhoto Smart Albums
10.7: Unlock screens using any admin password
iOS 5: Automatic Recognition of UPS Tracking Code in Mail
Logitech Solar Keyboard and the Scroll Lock/Num Lock keys
Sticky Widget from Selected Text
iOS 5: iPad show mailbox gesture
A Spotlight Plugin for InDesign
Getting Software Update alerts as a stander user
iOS device headphones and your Mac

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