100 Apple Tips
Posted on: 10/24/2011 10:54 AM

Here a roundup of the latest tips and tricks from Mac OS Hints

Re-using your Macbook Air 10.6 recovery USB drive
10.7: Xcode updating when the installer is moved
Blank (Invisible Font) MS Office 2011 Documents
Use any font in Terminal
Maintaining a Dynamic DNS automatically.
Rebuilding Equations in Word 2011
10.7: Keyboard Shortcut for Fast User Switching
10.7: A text selection shortcut
10.7: Exposé with Mouse Pointer over Dock icon
Running winexe on the Mac
Out Of Office setting for Exchange in Mail.app
Bluetooth Menulet -- Create Diagnostics Report
10.7: Spotlight indexing of Applications folder required for App Store updates
10.7: Restore Tap-Drag
10.7: Easy package tracking in Mail
10.7: Throw windows while dragging
10.7: View Calculator results in large type
10.7: Use Emoticons to distinguish shells
10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture
10.7: Prevent auto-load of documents in some apps
10.7: Change iCal font size
Checking Very Large Time Machine Volumes
10.7: Go back and forward on Pictures screen savers
10.7: Using FileVault2 to encrypt a second hard drive with user folders
10.7: How to get a full Lion install disc for a new MacBook Air or Pro
Cycle between bases in Programming Calculator mode
10.7: Disable internal laptop display when external display is attached
10.7: Setting the default timezone for calendars viewed on Wiki Server
10.7: Re-install from restore partition in a manual IP environment
10.7: Customize System Preferences
10.7: Navigate iCal calendars using gestures
10.6: Set a firmware password from the command line
10.7: Change number of days in iCal week view
10.7: Disable alternate screen use in xterm terminals
10.7: Avoid 'Backup of' Files in iWork
10.7: Enable Motion Blur in Exposé animations
10.7: Handy command-line network traffic utility
10.7: Using two Time Machine backups
10.7: Set Label toolbar icon to your choice of colors
Removing compromised system root certificates
Change the appearance of Safari Reader in Safari 5.1
10.7: Quickly open links In Terminal
10.7: Change time of multiple iCal events
10.7: Enable AirDrop on Macs without supported wireless hardware
10.7: Move Computer to top of the Finder Sidebar
10.7: Set Finder Labels from the keyboard
10.7: Another use for the Reading Lists
10.7: Show Bluetooth signal strength
10.7: Geektool in Mission Control
10.7: Enable Time Machine on unsupported network drives
10.7: Preview.app Magnifying Glass
MCX Refresh for Mobile Accounts
10.7: Completely disable Resume
Automatically cd to active Finder directory in new Terminal window
10.7: Slow down the entering of Mission Control
10.7: Editing Mail.app flags
10.7: View Linux SMB servers in Path Finder
Better Thunderbird Attachment revisited
10.7: Quickly add a Gmail account to Mail
10.7: Close Connect to Server window with Escape key
Boot to Windows partition quickly
Multilingual Photoshop CS5 suddenly talks only English
10.7: Drag a calculation from Spotlight
10.7: Use Quick Look from Stacks
10.7: Exit TextEdit quickly without Save prompt
10.7: Remap Dashboard to LaunchPad on an older Macbook.
10.7: Restoring hidden Finder Windows
10.7: Application specific App Exposé behavior
10.7: Make Front Row work with iTunes 10.4
10.7: Dual Monitor full-screen app trick
10.7: Virtual Hosts and multiple web servers
10.7: Restore secondary Click on MBP 4.1 Trackpad
10.7: Move Spaces in Mission Control in 10.7.2
10.7: Hold Option in Launchpad to quickly delete or move an App
Apparent fix for SD cards repeatedly unmounting, remounting
Peek at previous page in Safari 5.1
10.7: Adding entries to the Cisco AnyConnect hosts file
10.7: Use the Linen pattern on the desktop
Clip the Mickey Mouse iPod nano watch face to Dashboard
10.7: Dual Monitor full-screen app trick works with Multi windowed apps
10.7: Migrating Time Machine data to Lion
10.7: Disclosing messages in a conversation in the middle column of Mail
Automatically update locate db on-demand
A note about iOS 5 hints
10.7: Manage firewall logs
How to clean Apple Mighty Mouse video
10.7: Mission Control with older keyboards
Automatically add links from Emails, Twitter or Google Reader to Reading List
10.7: Software Update now logs all Apple Updates
10.7: Click while swiping to move over two Spaces
Keyboard combo to quickly delete last word or entire line
iOS 5: Visually separate custom alert tones from custom ringtones
10.7: Magic Mouse and Mission Control in 10.7.2
10.7: A solution for MacBook Air and Mac mini lack of install media
10.7: A possible workaround for VNC issues
10.6: Add iCloud Calendar in iCal
Upload iPhone contacts to iCloud
10.7: Quickly unhide the User Library improved
No live HTML links saved in PDFs from Safari in 10.5

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